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Cove Lighting

A unique layer of light that can dramatically enhance the look and feel of any architecture. Adjusting the angle of the light source allows you to fully illuminate a cove or allow for a pleasant glow indirectly cast from the ceiling.


Under Cabinet

  1. Ideal placement for even illumination of matte surfaces.

  2. Highlights an artistic backsplash or architectural detail.

  3. Perfect balance of backsplash illumination while avoiding shadows for activity on countertops.

  4. Draws texture out of the vertical surface to display distinct material.



Implementing our snap-in optics enables an engine to brilliantly stage the true detail of any surface material.


Stair & Toe Kick

An inverse cove in many respects, accenting stairs or toe kicks is not only great for wayfinding in an environment, it also subtlety reveals its architecture.



Create a floating feeling for any mirror while providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing illumination for an individual.

Backlit Fabric - Enlumen
Backlit Fabric – Enlumen


Evenly illuminate a panel for large and brilliant displays of light that make a bold statement. With use of the correct lensing any material can achieve incredible uniformity across its surface area.

Backlighting Formula

Distance (X) is dependent on the thickness / transmission of the diffuser (Y) and how tightly spaced the lights are to one another (Z).